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[Paris] Nationnal Championship @ Espace Charenton les 24-25 Novembre

  • Joueurs sur Fontainebleau Et Environs

    Je me disais aussi 🙂

  • L’evaluation sur T3 doit être activée par un organisateur... @FuTiL ?

  • @Gunthar : Désolé, j'ai pas la main ce le T3 de cette event. 😢

    @Zil & @Ender : Voici la réponse de Todd sur la Greedo VS Greedo :

    Player A has 39 Points and use is Greedo to attack Greedo from player B at 37 points
    GreedoA declare and attack on GreedoB
    | Slow on the draw from GreedoA
    | | Slow on the draw from GreedoB
    | | GreedoA deal 5 damage on GreedoB
    | GreedoB deal also 5 damage on GreedoA
    GreedoA deal 2 damages and kill GreedoB
    | GreedoB trigger Parting shot and deal 2 damage so GreedoA will be defeated
    | | GreedoA trigger Parting shot but can't fire
    | | GreedoA is defeated => Player B score 4 points
    | GreedoB is defeated => Player A score 4 points
    End of Attack

    First off, what a crazy loop!

    VPs are scored when a figure is defeated and do not need to wait for resolution. Also, the game ends as soon as one player hits 40 (or more) VPs. This also does not need to wait for resolution.

    In this case, Greedo A is defeated by Greedo B's parting shot, and is defeated first. If this causes Greedo B to reach 40 points, the game is instantly over with player B winning.

    Thanks for the question! I'll be on the lookout for this now.

    Todd Michlitsch
    Game Developer
    Fantasy Flight Games